WAUDOG Soft genuine leather jerk-choke dog collar with QR passport, rolled, D 8 mm, L 40 cm black

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  • Soft and nice to touch genuine leather of the highest quality
  • Strong nylon cord inside
  • A great choice for long-haired dogs
  • It does not crumple and cut the hair
A round choke collar is perfect for everyday walking, training and using at exhibitions. The jerk-choke collar squeezes tightly the dog's neck when he moves forward fast. When the dog stops pulling the leash, the collar increases its size and stops tightening the neck. It does not cut and damage the dog's hair. The main task of the collar is to be durable and reliable. When this goal is achieved, we can think about the comfort. In the products of the COLLAR SOFT Series this problem is solved. The softest leather from the range of Collar Company is being used in production. Touch the surface of collars and feel the difference! The leather of the collar retains its natural pattern. Eventually, the collars are getting better, obtaining the additional shine and softness. The collar COLLAR SOFT will combine harmoniously with the leash of the same Series.

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WAUDOG Soft genuine leather...